R06: Barcelona, Spain
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Fastest Race Lap time Challenge:
Remark: You will be awarded with up to 5 points per race, if you have guessed the real fastest race laptime of the next Formula 1 race accurately. The score will be decreased by 0.01 points per every thousandth difference. No minus points will be awarded.
The competitor with the highest overall score at the end of the season will be the winner of the 'Fastest Rac Lap Time Challenge'.
Pos. Team Owner Over. R01R02R03R04R05R06R07R08R09R10R11R12R13R14R15R16R17R18R19R20R21R22
1.Mubins CRL TeamSchumacher17.370.003.574.694.134.98                 
2.Mubins Cup TeamSchumacher15.772.214.682.213.453.22                 
3.fcsb is not Steauamenzy4614.940.004.662.783.903.60                 
4.Estrella Racing Teammenzy4613.330.003.772.213.234.12                 
5.Extremadura Equipe EspanaArrows13.234.700.004.401.742.39                 
6.Tainted Nr1menzy4612.900.002.863.513.872.66                 
7.Repsol Mugen-Honda RacingArrows12.344.700.004.603.040.00                 
8.GMan Racing Team MinardiGlennL12.                 
9.GMan Racing - SuperAguriGlennL12.                 
10.GMan Racing Team BenettonGlennL11.910.002.950.004.964.00                 
13.Cleveland GP In AbsentiaSTA Motorsports11.                 
14.Telefonica MovistarArrows11.201.350.004.401.264.19                 
15.Ultra Miyamoto NintendoGPjobber202249711.                 
16.Chrome Horn RacingMr Maker11.060.003.403.720.003.94                 
17.BIGWOOD DaimlerDaijhi210.921.214.102.513.100.00                 
18.FORCE NEPAL GhandrukFutchi10.860.004.623.632.610.00                 
19.Pinkie DinkieHolly Bell10.400.002.523.290.004.59                 
20.TWR-Orange ArrowsArrows10.353.                 
21.BIGWOOD OpelDaijhi210.260.004.781.384.100.00                 
23.Mubin EngineeringSchumacher10.                 
24.Dad 1Dad10.                 
25.JUSTINJUSTIN BIEBER10.040.003.611.504.310.62                 
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114 Race 6  019
3675 (515) Barcelona, Spain (20.5.2022-22.5.2022) 349

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