R03: Melbourne, Australia
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A/P/EX - Ranking: Amateur
The 3 available playing abilities Amateur, Pro and Expert take part together in the PFF1 World Championship.
The A/P/EX-Ranking shows the position table of each playing ability. The best Amateur, Pro and Expert is displayed at this place.
Pos. Team Owner Over. pos. Overall R01R02R03R04R05R06R07R08R09R10R11R12R13R14R15R16R17R18R19R20R21R22R23
52.ScuderiaMosella2023 Cupredbazi81P204.20111190                     
53.FX Stunning WheelsFxFan77206.20110299                     
54.Jahiegel 5Jahiegel207.20111091                     
55.Catching is one thingfcolinsutherland212.20194107                     
56.DeepMann Racing TeamDeepMann220.20010397                     
57.A Prosttwo0one4N221.20010793                     
58.Team Rocket RacingTeam Rocket Racing226.200100100                     
59.Iron Mike RacingMichijackson (R)242.19910099                     
62.Northwestern F-TeamnorthwesternN246.19911386                     
63.Phil Hil RacingJohn Gregg249.19810593                     
64.Bonobo3 Racingbonobo69 (R)250.19810494                     
65.Tiggs Trotters 22Villiers2006252.19810296                     
66.Silver surfersShropshire22254.19811088                     
67.Marvelous FourMichael Jirout261.19811385                     
69.Wilbur 11Wilbur268.19711087                     
70.Dillydophie 1dillydophie279.19610591                     
71.One Lazy Previous Ownerawoodhams286.1969898                     
72.FOX RacingBurning Toaster290.19696100                     
73.Kothy 1Kothy305.19510986                     
74.MATRIX REVOLUTIONSMiguelonN316.19511679                     
75.LeavemealoneEward1968 (R)318.19410292                     
3 / 32 

106 Race 3  020
3727 (471) Melbourne, Australia (31.3.2023-2.4.2023) 370

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