R03: Melbourne, Australia
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A/P/EX - Ranking: Amateur
The 3 available playing abilities Amateur, Pro and Expert take part together in the PFF1 World Championship.
The A/P/EX-Ranking shows the position table of each playing ability. The best Amateur, Pro and Expert is displayed at this place.
Pos. Team Owner Over. pos. Overall R01R02R03R04R05R06R07R08R09R10R11R12R13R14R15R16R17R18R19R20R21R22R23
151.Kuhnase 1Kuhnase563.1869789                     
152.Crimson Satan RacingJack Gregg564.1869987                     
153.Milchkanne 6Milchkanne565.18610086                     
154.Mambo racingPabgypost566.1869888                     
155.Ford FocusesSpheel567.18610086                     
156.Little Miss Speedy 2motorace_addictR572.1869888                     
157.RC4 RacingRELENTLESS COMICS (R)573.1869888                     
158.Lothar Racing B Teameric1855575.18610284                     
159.Totana Racing TeamRaul (R)576.1869789                     
160.Mozza MotorsportDaniel Morris584.18610383                     
163.MH4Droopy noses587.18610284                     
164.Jaja 1jaja7588.18610878                     
165.Earwig Hochthon591.18610878                     
166.Williford v FerarriJwilly01 (R)592.18610977                     
167.Solotip 5Solotip594.1859986                     
168.Carhin 4Carhin595.1859887                     
170.FOX Junior TeamBurning Toaster601.1859590                     
171.Formula AppleFormula OtalN606.1859194                     
172.Knickers Lil Kitty 1MariaFan607.1859986                     
173.Three Wheel Racingjimffortytwo608.18582103                     
7 / 32 

106 Race 3  020
3727 (471) Melbourne, Australia (31.3.2023-2.4.2023) 370

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