R22: Abu Dhabi, UAE
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PFF1 World Ranking 26.11.2023
The World Ranking is re-calculated at the beginning of a season and after each race. Retired competitors are not in the ranking. Competitors without teams in the current season are listed as 'inactive'. World Ranking points: The position in the PFF1 World Championship is the basis. The achieved points of the last 2 seasons are added to the points of the current season. In addition bonus points are awarded for special achievements. Bonus points of the last 4 seasons will be considered. You can find the complete calculation in the rules.
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Pos. Competitor Points Points Bonus Points Bonus Points Bonus Bonus Bonus Seasons Trophies Status
226.+6Keith Loynes AGBR5660167702416151427012502018 - 202361active
227.=kazador AVEN56541358019380230805002017 - 202370active
228.=Matt Ainsworth PGBR564714130269435149500102005 - 2023180active
229.=dave kentish PGBR5632178616018323017198510102004 - 2023207active
230.=Nikki PGBR56321827102178901482351002007 - 2023140active
231.-6Dad PCAN562315840168902300040102012 - 2023120active
National PFF1 Champion: Portugal 2007, 2008, 2017, 2018, 2019
EPOR5583159750239660129535301202006 - 2023169active
233.+1Kitto AGER55761730351855601866151502018 - 202360active
234.+1RBFan2333 ACHN55532336251323101754208502020 - 202340active
235.+1JIMH AGBR553611442517080262435002013 - 2023110active
236.-3Spheel AGBR553216291020921516811010852019 - 202350active
237.+2Racer80 PGER552913611014681026105010102005 - 2023192active
238.+5Hannes Haidinger EAUT5510198610163010163910252002004 - 2023201active
239.-1nortronic PUSA54871704021300159306002007 - 2023170active
240.-3DOC MARTIN RACING AGBR5483872020100256635002021 - 202330active
National PFF1 Champion: Ireland 2015, 2017
AIRL546010830253660154113525802015 - 202393active
242.+4mmi16 PUSA545017591014641601727135185102007 - 2023173active
243.-1Team Sonora PCUB5445109501155028301001601052006 - 2023184active
244.=Gary Hart PGBR541896125187802304025002010 - 2023142active
245.=Glasuhr AGER541715881013831023067520252019 - 202350active
246.-6Norm Macrae PGBR54161531018721501728013502007 - 2023174active
247.=Pabgypost AESP540317731252112150120304002014 - 2023103active
248.=fcolinsutherland ANZL53901841701980251454101002015 - 202390active
249.+2Dennis Craig PGBR537719752015911017361020152005 - 2023193active
250.-1MikeMacPhee PITA535311771022327517991025252017 - 202371active
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106 Race 22  020
3738 (477) Abu Dhabi, UAE (24.11.2023-26.11.2023) 389

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