R03: Melbourne, Australia
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Race series: Sennas Legends - Overall score
Champion of the season 2022: Magne (ISL);  Race series competition: Pos. 20   
Race series owner: Jay Funnell, E-mail address: funnej@gmail.com Scoring system since 2010: 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1
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  Race series World Championship
Pos. Team Owner W P L Overall R02OverallR02Pos.
CRL1.=048 Islendingasogur80 M.PMagneR
PFF1 Rookie League Winner 2018
CUP2.=067 Breakfast Of Champions80 M.PCavallino RampanteEGBR00033152149925.
CUP3.+3304 Dry-1 F-One USA82 M.PBo Diggles (R)AUSA1003325202100184.
4.=098 Phil Hil Racing85 M.PJohn GreggAUSA000221019893249.
5.-2189 ScuderiaFM84 M.OKimi-RaikkonenAGER01015017365964.
6.+4487 Formula Frenzy Three80 M.PMONSTEREGBR000131219798271.
7.=196 V6 Turbo Trouble84 M.PmalcdalEGBR00010418280705.
8.-3058 In Before The Lock81 M.PFerrari SpAEGBR00010017671902.
9.+4369 Tornado Alley79 M.Pmmi16PUSA0008818390645.
10.-2461 Telefonica_ClubCiociaro81 M.PMatteoLCPSPM0017318180734.
11.+3521 Senna the Legend83 M.PJay FunnellEGBR01066170811049.
12.-3123 Scarface_577 M.Prkhalili2
PFF1 Top 25 Contender 2022
PFF1 Top 25 Constructor 2022
13.-2034 That Was Textbook78 M.OAlan PartridgeR
PFF1 Rookie League Winner 2016
14.-2129 Willis Wobblers Pro183 M.Pwillis wobblersEGBR0000017378979.
15.+1239 Alpha Four81 M.PNicolaas on WheelsP3
PFF1 Professional League Winner 2010
National PFF1 Champion: South Africa 2008, 2009, 2013
16.-1073 GotM Racing 378 M.OAZGotM (R)AUSA00000160721319.
17.=062 Hooligan PlonkerMerc81 M.OhooliganEUSA00000157721386.
18.=542 Hazer Racing81 M.OHarry KentishPGBR00000146631568.
19.=190 SFMarlboro82 M.OKimi-RaikkonenAGER00000144681593.
20.=362 Gurney White Paper Motors80 M.OSTA MotorsportsEUSA00000129611716.

106 Race 3  020
3727 (471) Melbourne, Australia (31.3.2023-2.4.2023) 370

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