R22: Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Activity Ranking: (No. of component changes)
Remark: 1 activity point is awarded for one change of a team component. Every change, which causes a point loss, counts twice. A bonus point is awarded for 3 guessed Qualifying positions. The prediction of the fastest race lap time is awarded with 1 bonus point too. A maximum of 13 points per race and team can be collected.
Pos. Owner Teams Points R01R02R03R04R05R06R07R08R09R10R11R12R13R14R15R16R17R18R19R20R21R22
454.Luis LopezESP162000000100000011000001
456.razy (R)USA162000000100000011000001
457.Corsa Motor Sport (R)GBR162000000100000011000001
458.Raul (R)ESP161002000000100001010000
459.Rofrada (R)ESP161002000000100001010000
460.dadnan (R)BIH161002000000100001010000
461.David MorganGBR151000000100000011000001
462.ptommas (R)CYP151001000000100001010000
464.Carlos (R)USA151000000100000011000001
465.Ellesar (R)GBR151000000100000011000001
466.McLOVIN Motorsport (R)GBR151000000100000011000001
467.juanjose (R)ESP151000000100000011000001
468.Mia Samuel (R)GBR151000000100000011000001
469.katzners (R)AUT151000000100000011000001
470.Blake (R)USA151000000100000011000001
471.Jdolenga (R)USA151000000100000011000001
472.Dario co (R)ESP130100000010000001000000
473.Shreyansh070 (R)IND130001000000100000010000
474.CatholicEric (R)SWE130000010000001000000100
475.hon3yb4dger (R)GBR130000000000200000010000
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106 Race 22  020
3738 (477) Abu Dhabi, UAE (24.11.2023-26.11.2023) 389

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