R05: Shanghai, China
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1. BIGWOOD Skoda (Daijhi2)
2. Meliadoul (Izlude)
3. Austria Racing (Hannes Haidinger)
1. Austria Racing (Hannes Haidinger)
2. cs2 (cs1)
3. Alpha 1 (Nicolaas on Wheels)
Wagen11 (Wagen1)
Lap Time 1:34.744
RACE DATE: 21.04.2024 - 56 LAPS
Chinese Grand Prix 2024 Shanghai International Circuit: 5,451km


Pure Fantasy F1

is not just a simple prediction game. Pure Fantasy F1 is a Fantasy F1 manager game from Austria for Formula 1 fans from all over the world.

As a Formula 1 Manager you are able to create your own Fantasy F1 Teams within the available budget and you follow the real Formula 1 races on TV with more excitement. Try to improve your Fantasy F1 teams and increase your team budgets during the season by making clever component transfers.

Take part in following competitions and leagues:

PFF1 World Championship
PFF1 Constructors World Championship
National or Continental Championships
Official, Public or Private Leagues
PFF1 Champions Racing League and Cup
PFF1 Eliminator Competition
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PFF1 World Championship:
New in the lead is FxFan77 (AUT) with the team 'FX Crazy Constructor'. On 2nd position follows now Alan_T_Riley (DEN), having a 12 points gap to the leader. The podium is completed by am201020 (CAN), just another point away.

PFF1 Constructors' World Championship:
The leader is again FxFan77 (AUT)) with a score of 451.3 points. imagedoctor (GBR) goes up to 2nd position and is only 6.6 points away. Alan_T_Riley (DEN) follows closely behind on 3rd place.

Fastest race lap in Suzuka:
Herzinfarkt, GER - 1:33.706
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new match racing format

Bye Weeks are only available in groups with an odd number of participants.

This year we have 16 groups with only 6 participants. The new schedule has offered itself due to the small groups and the high number of F1 races.

Maverick - 08.04.2024 21:56:40
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Total Score
Pos. Team Points
1. FX Crazy Constructor 472
2. FawltyTowersRacers-Polly 460
3. AM-4 459
4. Chaotic 457
5. Murdanus 5 454
6. Freightdom TitleNo8 453
7. The Viper FX 452
8. Bonobo3 Racing 451
9. pL4toOn 451
10. Purple Shadow 451
Score Race 4
Pos. Team Points
1. Purple Shadow 131
2. Katalyst FXE 131
3. Ay_Caramba 130
4. Ultra Miyamoto NintendoGP 130
5. mlagadms 129
6. mth team 129
7. Heckenschere 128
8. Gartenkralle 127
9. Chaotic 127
10. Herzinfarkt 3 126
Expert Jay Funnell
Pos. Tip Qualifying (Race 5)
1. Max Verstappen
2. Sergio Perez
3. Carlos Sainz
Pos. Tip Race result
1. Max Verstappen
2. Sergio Perez
3. Carlos Sainz
Predicted Fastest Race Lap
Max Verstappen (1:30.001) - Lap 52 

94 Race 5 + SPRINT 021
3785 (437) Shanghai, China (19.4.2024-21.4.2024) 394

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