R03: Melbourne, Australia
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PFF1 World Ranking 19.03.2023
The World Ranking is re-calculated at the beginning of a season and after each race. Retired competitors are not in the ranking. Competitors without teams in the current season are listed as 'inactive'. World Ranking points: The position in the PFF1 World Championship is the basis. The achieved points of the last 2 seasons are added to the points of the current season. In addition bonus points are awarded for special achievements. Bonus points of the last 4 seasons will be considered. You can find the complete calculation in the rules.
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Pos. Competitor Points Points Bonus Points Bonus Points Bonus Bonus Bonus Seasons Trophies Status
126.+6RDB PGBR5176182034155015290002014 - 2023100active
127.-1Gutlos AGER51661510229810258210015102015 - 202390active
128.+7Anne Craig PGBR51611880269621020321015102011 - 2023131active
129.-2Hausfrau AGER5146145021521026541107502015 - 202380active
130.-8toto1041 PUSA5143002244152724907002011 - 202270inactive
131.+3Reyralf AGER51311490189113525867030002020 - 202342active
132.-1BigPack AGER5130122020225027469075252018 - 202360active
133.-3Alster123 AGER5126108025107523483540102016 - 202380active
Continental PFF1 Champion: Asia 2017
PMAS51242470232675215625030402014 - 2023104active
135.-7cornbeef PIRL5124152017971752750115101252011 - 2023136active
136.+6miguel EGER51212350276415208225002015 - 202390active
137.=roger alford PGBR512123002562170181920702502004 - 2023203active
138.+8Dalton ACAN509927502278100243600102014 - 2023100active
139.=1Wilbur AGER5089214024787522622510252019 - 202350active
140.-2Kuhnase AGER508716801901352748115110102016 - 202381active
141.-5jaja7 AGER5065166021721525728540152019 - 202350active
142.-2Schlaegle AAUT505915103100251718040252016 - 202380active
143.+1Chanti AGER5048145019441526642453502015 - 202391active
144.+3myaghi EROM50422620261435210625002018 - 202360active
145.-4chthon ACAN50391660329512514530002012 - 2023122active
146.-17Fred7 AGER501812702018215247835135102018 - 202362active
147.-4Allan ClarkeP
PFF1 Professional League Winner 2014
EGBR49740021847525401601502007 - 2022164inactive
148.+6Margaret104 PUSA494422802082752194801501352011 - 2023135active
National PFF1 Champion: Spain 2018
AESP4940218020340267810002014 - 2023102active
150.+3Solotip AGER4935166022882522866570352018 - 202360active
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106 Race 3  020
3727 (471) Melbourne, Australia (31.3.2023-2.4.2023) 370

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